The best private walking tours in Barcelona with an English-speaking guide. Experience the city up and close.

Seeing a place on foot is a great way to learn your way around and capture the essence of the city. Even if you’ve wandered a city’s streets before, there is always something new to learn. The charm of Barcelona resides in the small details and anecdotes.

Barcelona Great Tours will take you around and give you an extra hour so you can observe or even interact with people living their daily life. We like to keep it simple and realistic, no mass tourism. A private tour guided by someone who lives and breathes the destination.

Easy Walking Tours

  • We suit your rhythm and level of fitness
  • We adapt for families with kids with stroller-accessible
  • We work with kind and engaging tour guides
  • Some itineraries allows you drink and taste local flavors

Extra benefits taking a walking tour in Barcelona

A walking tour in Barcelona will help you stay fit and active, since we know vacation is no time to hit the gym.

Walking is also a great way to lower carbon footprint. If you are an environmentally conscious traveler, you can book an eco and slow tour in Barcelona