-Is Barcelona Great Tours a licensed company?

  Yes we are. Spanish Goverment is the only authority with the power to grant licenses in Barcelona. All our vehicles display a sticker at the windshield showing the Goverment authorization. Do not rely on webpages that tells you about  belonging to international associations or whatever but lacking the Spanish license, these companies are totally illegal.

-What I need to book a tour with BGT?

  We require a deposit to be paid trough Paypal, the most prestigious and recognized payment method on the Internet, with full money back guarantee if we fail to comply with everything promised

-When I have to pay the balance due?

  At the end of the tour in cash

-What happens if our flight or ship is delayed?

  Prior to any service we are tracking the flight or ship you are arriving, so we adjust to any delays  may occur and you do not have to worry about anything

-Are driver-guides English speakers?

  Of course. We feel so proud when receiving a feedback from our clients and always telling us how good was the driver language.

-What is your cancellation policy?

  Since everything you need  to book a service is a deposit (usually 48 EUR for all groups of 7 people or less), it is fully refundable if you inform us about cancellation 72 hours before the date of service.


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