Costa Brava

Full day tour to visit Costa Brava and Girona. The activity is divided in two parts, first we visit Tossa del Mar,  the most emblematic fishing village of the whole Costa Brava, founded in Roman times and still surrounded by medieval walls, where you can walk through charming streets and alleyways, try the local cuisine or buy products and souvenirs from the area.


Second part of the tour is the amazing city of Girona: One of the most interesting in Catalonia, the historic city of Girona invites visitors to trace its more than 2000 years of history through two fortified enclosures, the Força Vella and the Medieval Quarter. The Força Vella dates back to the Roman foundation while the medieval extension of the city walls was carried out during the 14th and 15th centuries. The city's artistic heritage has been preserved in the numerous monuments that have survived until today. The highlights of Girona are rounded off by the impressive old Jewish Quarter or Call, with its beautiful streets and porticoed squares, and by the exuberant baroque spaces and Noucentisme-style buildings 

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